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15 Best Podcasting Blogs [2021 Update] 

Podcasting blogs are an invaluable resource to connect podcasters with the best tips, strategies, and industry updates from leading podcast experts.

There's a blog for virtually every facet of podcasting, whether you want to stay up on monetization methods, find new content or recommendations for gear and related tech.

Here are the top 15 best podcast blogs (in our opinion) for podcasters, avid fans, or just techies interested in keeping up with the digital audio industry!

Best for podcasters 

These blogs are specifically for podcast creators to help them stay up-to-date on the latest gear, recording techniques, and tools to help you create consistently high-quality content. Here are our favorites!

Podcast Insights 

Podcast Insights homepage with green microphone and the words

This podcast blog goes deep into software and gear reviews, monetization, and has plenty of video equipment resources, too.

No matter what stage you're at in your podcasting journey, Podcast Insights has content that helps take the confusion out of the process.

This blog might be especially beneficial for anyone interested in starting a WordPress blog; the platform can have a learning curve, and Podcast Insights has comprehensive tutorials to make it easier. 

The Buzzsprout Blog

The Buzzsprout Blog homepage featuring three blog images

We created The Buzzsprout Blog to help podcasters learn the ins and outs of the craft in a simple and accessible way.

Each week, we curate comprehensive, step-by-step guides, best-of articles, software tutorials, gear recommendations and reviews, and answer commonly asked podcasting questions. 

You'll also find content around topics like:

If you use Buzzsprout for podcast hosting, our blog helps connect you with our newest integrations with full walk-throughs of every feature available in your account so you can make always-improving, optimized content!

The Podcasters' Studio 

Podcaster's Studio homepage with screen shot of video and colorful icons on the right

Audio and video content curator Ray Ortega is the host of Podcasters' Roundtable and creator of The Podcasters' Studio: a comprehensive and entertaining blog that addresses all things digital audio (and an excellent resource if you're interested in video production, too).

If you need help recording, editing, publishing, or promoting content, the blog probably addresses your questions with one of its many detailed guides. Just enter your topic's keywords in the website's search field to sift through Ray's extensive archive of content!

The Audacity to Podcast 

The Audacity to Podcast homepage with red background and white text overlay

Daniel J. Lewis is the host of the highly successful tech podcast The Audacity to Podcast and the curator of a blog by the same name.

Lewis releases new content frequently and delves into unique topics with clear and unique insights about the podcasting industry, related tech, gear, and methods for growing a successful show. 

His site also offers services to podcasters like:

  • My Podcast Reviews
  • Social Subscribe & Follow Icons (WordPress plugin)
  • Buttons you can embed in your WordPress site to draw more listeners

School of Podcasting 

School of Podcasting homepage with image of frustrated person and black text beside it

School of Podcasting (run by podcaster and tech trainer Dave Jackson) is a great podcast resource to help creators plan, launch, and grow their podcast with step-by-step courses—and while it is written content, it functions more like a membership site.

The site offers a free podcast with hundreds of available episodes, and a paid membership includes extensive written content, live trainings, tutorials, and guides for more tailored help with your podcast.

You can buy courses individually (with a 30-day money-back guarantee) or get monthly access to the content with a membership ($49/month).

The Podcast Host

The Podcast Host homepage with picture of Colin Gray, white text overlay, and a blue background

Colin Gray and the rest of the team at The Podcast Host consistently produce in-depth content to help podcasters create better content.

The podcast website features an array of podcasting guides for those interested in starting a podcast, choosing equipment, monetizing, or learning more about post-production.

The Podcast Host team also created an intuitive editing software called Alitu for podcasters who want a simple, streamlined way to edit their audio files and run a membership academy that goes more in-depth with courses, one-on-one coaching, resources, and tools.

We Edit Podcasts

We Edit Podcasts homepage with purple background, white text, and colorful vector image on the right

This female-founded company helps podcasters with the post-production elements of their show, whether that's editing, transcriptions, show notes, launch strategies, or equipment suggestions. 

They also have a blog usually updated every week with articles about production, monetization, strategy, equipment, and pretty much every element of podcasting with which you might need help.

And because they specialize in editing and production, We Edit Podcasts has excellent content for information on optimizing and streamlining your podcast production workflow.


Castos blog homepage with white background, black text, and a cartoon girl reading

Castos is a podcast hosting company with a great blog curated by a team with over a decade of podcasting experience. 

You'll find content centered around boosting productivity and improving your workflow, software tutorials, and tons of resources for beginner and experienced podcasters.

You can sign up for the Castos newsletter to get the blog emailed straight to your inbox every week!

Best for podcast entrepreneurs & startups

Podcasting is one of many tools self-made creators can use to monetize their business, promote their brand, and foster connection with listeners. 

These blogs can help you learn the latest tips and strategies for making podcasting a business (or at least an essential part of it).

Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income homepage with image of Pat Flynn and a blog title in black text

If you're a podcasting entrepreneur or influencer, Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income blog is a must-read. 

He speaks from experience about the power of entrepreneurship and made a career out of helping others set up a passive income stream through monetizing their passion and their podcast.

The SPI blog is a jam-packed resource for anyone learning how to leverage your podcast as part of an online business.

Pat's blog posts cover topics like:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Getting more subscribers 
  • Mindset & more

SPI also has a twice-weekly podcast brimming with actionable information for anyone looking to start their podcasting or entrepreneurial journey.


Fizzle homepage with gradient color blocks and white text overlay

Chase Reeves, Corbett Barr, and Steph Crowder created Fizzle because they were frustrated with the lack of coherent information available for independent creators; there wasn't one place on the internet that comprehensively put all the pieces together.

The focus of this site is to help creators make money doing what they love, and All their content focuses on assisting independent creators with monetization.

Their courses feature content from Pat Flynn, Dana and John Shultz, Leo Babauta, John Lee Dumas, Step Crowder, and more independent podcasters and creators already earning a living doing what they love.

Cliff Ravenscraft

Image of Cliff Ravenscraft, with white text over top and a blue button.

Cliff Ravenscraft figured out how to monetize his podcasting passion and loves to help other creators do the same.

Cliff began podcasting with his wife about the TV show "Lost" in the early 2000s. Since that time, Cliff has become known as the Podcast Answer Man and started a full-time career in podcasting as a professional coach, speaker, consultant, blogger, and producer.

The Cliff Ravenscraft Show and the blog are an excellent blend of technical knowledge and encouragement to cultivate a positive mental outlook around money, podcasting, and entrepreneurship. 

Best for industry and tech updates

Podcasting is growing exponentially, which means lots of changes in tech, innovations in the industry, and updates on the changing landscape. These blogs are the best ways to stay updated on all the latest!


Podnews homepage with newsletter subscription box and picture of smartphone

Podnews was launched in 2017 by James Cridland and is a daily update for those interested or involved in podcasting and on-demand audio. It's now read by producers, hosting companies, creators, and podcast listeners alike.

Podnews is primarily a newsletter, but the website features searchable archives of the newsletter going years back and a separate blog featuring how-to articles, in-depth news, and more. 

This blog is an excellent and digestible way to keep in touch with the latest daily news in digital audio, especially if you enjoy more nitty-gritty podcast updates. 

Here are some of their most recent articles:

Hot Pod News (free & paid content)

Hot Pod News homepage with cartoon blog image and the title in bold, black text

Hot Pod News is an independent podcast news source written, edited, and published by podcast writer Nick Quah. This resource is a newsletter but functions like a blog that shows up in your email every week—we say it counts!

Nick created Hot Pod News to report on the podcasting industry in a more theoretical, opinion-piece style via a free, magazine-like weekly newsletter.

If you want to keep up with the digital audio space, you can sign up for the newsletter or subscribe to Hot Pod Insider ($7/mo) to access the latest coverage on podcast industry developments.

Best for podcast listeners & fans

If you're an avid podcast fan or even a casual listener, you probably know how difficult it can be to find new content. 

To help solve the podcast discoverability problem, we suggest using directories with more robust search engines (like Listen Notes or PodSearch) and following these blogs to get an idea of what's out there!

Discover Pods

Discover Pods homepage with grid of various podcast cover art

This blog is hands down one of the best resources for finding new popular podcasts and indie content and one of the most varied in the kind of content they release.

The writers at Discover Pods spotlight noteworthy content multiple times per week, review content with entertaining, movie-review style articles.

They intersperse their reviews and podcast spotlights with podcast resources like "How to Audio Drama 202: Creating Your Audio Drama's Budget" and opinion pieces like their article "I Am Tired of True Crime."

Here's more of their eclectic blogs to give you an idea of their diverse style:

Podcast Notes 

Podcast Notes homepage with black header, gray icons, and a newsletter subscription field

Podcast Notes breaks the mold of a traditional blog; it's more like Cliff notes for podcast episodes and a valuable tool for finding new content. 

If you want to find new podcasts and want the option to read condensed synopses of episodes, there's no better resource.

You can pick from genres like:

  • Popular
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Startup/Tech
  • Business
  • Crypto
  • Life 

Each write-up includes key takeaways on noteworthy episodes within its genre, an intro, and an impressive breakdown of the episode in bullet-point format. 

Subscribe to the newsletter to get access to unlimited insights on the blog!

Send us your favorites!

These blogs can help you stay up-to-date on all areas of podcasting if you're a creator looking to improve your content or a podcast fan looking for your next digital audio binge. 

If we missed anything, feel free to email us at and send us your favorite podcasting blogs!

Better yet, consider starting your own podcast blog; there's a lot of opportunity for new written content in the podcast blogging space, and no better person to fill the gap than a podcaster who knows the industry!