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Import Stats When Moving to Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout allows you to add downloads to imported podcast episodes. While we can't capture all the detail behind every download, (date, listening app, location) you can add the total number of downloads you had on each episode before moving to Buzzsprout.

This allows you to keep track of your total episode downloads and overall podcast downloads when moving to Buzzsprout from another podcast hosting provider.

Please note: Since the download numbers are manually entered, Buzzsprout cannot certify them as IAB (V2) compliant. This will be noted in the footer on your stats pages.

How to Add Stats to Imported Episodes

When your episodes have finished importing into Buzzsprout, you'll receive a confirmation email. That email will contain information about how to keep some stats when moving to Buzzsprout. Clicking the link in that email will bring you to the "Add downloads to your imported episodes" page. If you no longer have a copy of that email, there is also a link in the footer of your Stats pages.

Import Stats to Buzzsprout

Enter the total number of downloads for each episode from your previous hosting provider, then click Save Stats.