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Mid-Roll Settings

As you accept an ad through Buzzsprout Ads, we will begin the process of finding the best spot for that ad within your episodes. We will automatically find the best insertion points in your 25 most recent episodes that are longer than 23 minutes. 

Enabling Your Back Catalog of Episodes

You may decide to run ads in more than your 25 most recent episodes. You are now able to do that! Just go to the episode where you want to include ads and click Mid-Roll Settings on the right side of the page. Then you can click the toggle to allow ads on that episode and we will begin inserting them for you.
Mid-Roll Settings #1.png

Removing an Insertion Point

In some cases, you may find that an ad is placed in a less-than-desirable spot in your episode or you may want to keep an episode ad-free. Removing ads from your episodes is really simple too!

On the Mid-Roll Settings page you can turn off all the ads for that episode, or you can remove specific insertion points. Simply click the toggle icon to turn off the ads in that episode, or uncheck the mid-roll you want to remove.
Mid-Roll Settings #2.png

Help us out!

This shouldn't happen often, but if you ever find that an ad has been placed poorly, don't remove it. Instead, shoot our support team ( an email and we will see what we can do to adjust the insertion. If we cannot find a better spot for the ad, we will remove it for you!