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Embed Automatic Players

The WordPress plugin is the best way to embed an individual episode into a blog post or page! It is not intended to be used with the Multiple and Single embed players, since both of those players update automatically with new episodes. 

You can still embed those players in WordPress but you will need to do that manually. The good news is that you can embed that player once and then forget about it! 

Embedding Buzzsprout Players

First, go to the Players page in your Buzzsprout account and copy the embed code for the player you would like to embed.
Next, log into your WordPress account and go to the post where you want the player to show. Click the page to add a new block to your post. Search for the Custom HTML option.
On the HTML view of the block paste in your Buzzsprout embed code.
Click the Preview button on the block and you will see the player show! Now save your changes and the player will show on your website!
If you have any questions embedding on your website our support team can help, just shoot us an email at!