Untapped podcast ideas

19 Untapped Podcast Ideas

So you want to start your own podcast, but you're just not sure what it should be on.

There are still some untapped areas in podcasting where there is probably a large audience, but not many podcasts in that area. With good content, these podcast should be primed for quick growth.

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In this article we'll dive into 19 podcasting topics that we think have a lot of potential. But first, let's take a look at what makes a good topic for your podcast.

What Makes A Good Podcast Topic?

A good podcast is about more than just picking an idea that you think will be popular.

You're potentially going to be making hundreds of episodes on this topic, so there are a bunch of other boxes that it needs to tick as well. Here are some things to consider.

1. Pick a topic you want to talk about

If you're going to be speaking about something every week and recording hundreds of podcast episodes, it's going to need to be something you're passionate about. Otherwise, you'll quickly lose interest.

Don't get into a podcast just because it seems like something that will have profitable sponsors or for other business-related reasons. It will start to feel more like a job than a hobby or something that you do because you enjoy it. And that will quickly begin to come across in your voice and how you approach the podcast.

A good podcast has real passion behind it!

2. Pick something other people are interested in

You can pick an amazing topic that you're passionate about. But if it's too niche or not something that people want to listen to, then your podcast can be amazing and still no one will end up listening to it.

It's all about finding that topic where a fair amount of people are interested in it, but they're underserved in terms of the number of podcasts currently available on the subject.

3. Try to find something that isn't too competitive

There are already tons of comedy podcasts, so it will be a bit tougher to get into the comedy space than it would be to start a podcast on woodworking.

An easy way to do this is going into a podcast app like Spotify or Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes) and searching through the different categories.

If you try to compete against full-time professional podcasters that have a studio, staff, and put out podcasts multiple times per week, you're simply not going to be able to compete in terms of quality or content (Go listen to an episode of "How I Built This" to hear what a professional podcast sounds like).

4. Make it easy on yourself

Ideally, your podcast should be about something that you're familiar with so that you could just hit the record button and start talking for an hour without any preparation if you needed to.

If you pick an overly complicated topic, or if it's a subject matter that you aren't an expert in, you're going to need to do a ton of research for each podcast episode. And that's really going to make it feel more like work.

Doing some research for each episode isn't a huge deal if it's something that you're already passionate about and interested in learning. But over the course of your podcast, you're probably going to run into weeks where you're too busy to do much prep work and need to do things more off the cuff.

5. Avoid seasonal topics

Some seasonality in your podcast is okay - a huge number of podcasts out there are about topics that are only relevant for part of the year.

People who love fishing will probably listen to a fishing podcast even during the winter. Golfers can listen to podcasts about golf out of season to pick up some tips and tricks too. In fact, people who are avidly into a particular hobby are likely sitting at home itching for the season to begin and consuming all kinds of content about it that they can.

But doing a podcast about something like the Olympics that only happens once every two years isn't a great choice. We would probably even recommend avoiding podcasts about things like professional basketball or football leagues that only occur for a certain timeframe during the year. There's only so much speculating you can do to keep things going during the off-season.

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19 Untapped Podcast Ideas For Your First Podcast

So now you should have a pretty good idea of what does and doesn't make a good first podcast. But in case you're still stuck when it comes to ideas, here are 20 ideas to help you get started with brainstorming.

1. Sailing

Sailing requires a lot of specialized knowledge and items. It also has a steep learning curve. So there's a lot to talk about!

But competition is low, and it doesn't seem to have as much seasonality as other weather-dependent activities.

2. Welding or Metal Working

Here's another really low-competition podcast topic.

When we searched Google, there were a few suggestions for welding podcasts. But none really stood out as the top one. So if you're a professional welder or metal worker with the knowledge and experience, this could be a great niche for you.

It seems like welders are just starting to get involved with podcasts, so now is the perfect time to jump on board.

3. Pest Removal

You can come at this one from a bunch of different angles.

It's something that could appeal to professional pest removal experts. Or you could target homeowners who are looking to get rid of animals or bugs themselves.

If you've got your own pest removal business, it's a great opportunity to advertise that too.

4. Long-Haul Truck Driving

We could see this one appealing to both truckers and non-truckers alike. People who also drive for a living get a sense of camaraderie out of it. And those who don't get an interesting look into the lifestyle.

This one is especially good if you're actively trucking yourself and have lots of interesting or entertaining stories on the topic to tell.

With the right hands-free setup, you could even multitask and record your podcasts while you're on the road.

5. The Outdoors: Hiking, Camping, Boating, etc.

Whatever your specific outdoors interest is. Whether it's dirt bikes, cabins, boating, rock climbing, or something else, there's probably enough of an audience to make a podcast about it.

6. Pets

Again, with pets, there's a lot of different options for whatever your specific interest is. Whether you're a dog, cat, hamster, or snake person, you can make a podcast about it.

Picking a more general topic might be a bit too competitive. So the more niche and exotic you can get with it, the better. Think about making a podcast about something like chinchillas or sugar gliders.

If you want to make a dog podcast, get more niche, like a podcast specifically about Golden Retrievers, Shitzhus, Pugs, or a specific skill like agility training.

7. Crafting

Pottery, sewing, basket weaving, woodworking, quilting, or any number of other crafts could make a great topic for your first podcast.

You can either choose to focus on one of them, or feature episodes about different crafts each week.

8. Musical Instruments

If you play the guitar, saxophone, piano, or any other instrument you can make a podcast to talk about your knowledge and experiences. For something a bit more niche, consider a podcast about Djing or electronic music composition.

9. Flipping Homes

You can make a podcast all about buying homes, renovating them, and selling them for a profit. Talk about your own homes that you're working on and any issues that you encounter.

Interview other people who are also doing the same. Give tips and tricks to newbies on what to look for, how to tell if something is a good deal, and what red flags to avoid.

You can even incorporate a location like "Italy" or "New York" to give your show that extra detail and appeal to people in that area.

10. Podcasting

Making a podcast about podcasting is going a bit meta. But if you have lots of previous experience with podcasts, why not? Share that knowledge and teach other people how to podcast too!

11. Wedding Planning

There's a lot to talk about here, and both wedding planners and brides-to-be will want to listen.

Your audience will tend to turn over more than average since people will be getting married and no longer find the content relevant. But other newly engaged couples will likely pick it up to fill in their space.

12. 3D Printing

3D printing is an up-and-coming technology and there's always a lot of news to talk about.

You can do episodes about new technological breakthroughs, review different printers, talk about different techniques, and more.

13. Storm Chasing

Create a podcast all about hurricanes, tornados, and other extreme weather. This one is a bit seasonal and regional. But we're sure that people all around the world would be interested in listening in as well.

14. Aquariums

There's a lot to choose from here. Talk about saltwater or freshwater tanks, or both. How to keep different kinds of fish, plants, and coral are all things that you can cover. As well as breeding fish, and how to take care of an aquarium and keep it clean.

There are years worth of how-to and basic information for beginners right from the start.

15. Caving, Spelunking, Rock Climbing, Rappelling

You can either keep these as separate topics. Or there might be enough crossover that you can combine them into one podcast.

16. Celebrity Net Worth

You can devote each episode to talking about how much money a specific celebrity has. Go into details about how much their house is worth, what kind of cars they drive, and how they earned or lost their fortunes.

Branch out to social media influencers as well. Everyone wants to know how much their favorite YouTuber or Instagram Influencer is worth.

17. Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are another topic that's becoming quite popular and would be great for a podcast. People are looking to downsize to smaller homes for a number of reasons including to save money, get back to nature, or just have more flexibility in their lives. There's also some crossover with people who live a more nomadic lifestyle and travel around the country in RVs or vans.

18. Urban Farming

Urban farming is a quickly growing industry, with consumers wanting more organic and locally-grown produce.

You can talk about growing food in backyards, and how to sell it at farmer's markets or directly to restaurants. There are a number of topics to cover including microgreens, edible mushrooms, salad mixes, and more. Plus discussing what crops are the most profitable, what tools to use, how to store your produce, and plenty of other topics.

19. Book Summaries

If you're a voracious reader, then you could summarize fiction or non-fiction books that you've read into 15-20 minute podcasts. That would save people time compared to having to read it themselves, or even just listening to the full audiobook instead.

This kind of podcast would offer a ton of value, but it would also be quite time-consuming to prepare for.


When it comes to picking a topic for your first podcast, we feel that the most important thing is to make it about something that you really enjoy. You won't want to record a podcast every week if it feels like a chore, and you won't stick with it for long.

You also don't want to pick something that's extremely niche, like sewing outfits for tiny dogs. Otherwise, you'll have trouble finding a large enough audience or sponsors to support your podcast.

Hopefully, after reading this article you have some good ideas to consider. Even if you don't want to use one of the specific ideas we've listed above, maybe it has started to get the creative juices flowing and will help you come up with a totally new idea of your own!