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iFrame Code Overview

When embedding episodes into your personal website or blog, we suggest that you use one of our embed codes, but sometimes those codes will not be compatible with your website builder. In that case, you might need an iFrame code.

iFrame Code

The iFrame code which is also known as an Inline Frame will embed HTML into your website page or post. iFrame code is typically used as a last resort if nothing else seems to work on your website.

If you think you may need the iFrame code for your embed player shoot our support team a request and we can send you a code to try! For your iFrame code, you will need your Podcast ID and Episode ID. Those IDs can be found in your Buzzsprout URL. They will be the 2 sets of numbers at the end of your Buzzsprout URL (when on an episode page). The first set of numbers is your Podcast ID and the second set is your Episode ID.

For example:

  • Podcast ID: 231452
  • Episode ID: 5176126