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Embed Individual Episode

There are two places to find the embed code for a single episode. This is great to have if you’re looking to embed the episode into a blog post or on its own standalone page!

Get It From Your Buzzsprout Account

To get the embed code from within your account you will want to log in and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Episodes page and click on the episode title. Find Podcast Player Embed Code

  2. On the right side, click Embed this ONE Episode. Find Podcast Player Embed Code

  3. Grab the code by clicking the Copy Embed Code button. Find Podcast Player Embed Code

Get It From Your "Episode is Live" Email

When your episode finishes processing in Buzzsprout, you’ll receive an email confirmation that your episode has been published. Inside that email, we make it very easy to grab the code. Make sure to copy/paste the entire code and not just the hyperlinked URL.

Find Podcast Player Embed Code

If you’re wondering where you should put the embed code once you have it, check out this article: Embed Episodes on my Website