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Measuring Podcast Listeners

Podcast Statistics Listener Count

This number displays how many plays (unique downloads) we expect your next episode to have within its first 90 days of life. It will change frequently as it takes into account several aspects of your episode’s historical data.

How you should use this number

Reporting your “Listeners” was a priority for us, and comes in response to the question “How many people are subscribed to my podcast.” While showing subscribers isn’t something we feel is valuable to you as a podcaster, you still need a number to show how your podcast is growing over time. To give you this number, we worked some magic and created a report to calculate your “Listeners.”

You’ll want to use this number as a representation of how your podcast is growing as-a-whole.

Where the number comes from

The algorithm for listeners is not something we share publicly, but it’s calculated using your previous episodes historical data, and gets more accurate with each new episode you publish.