Best Podcast Courses

Best Free Podcast Courses for 2020

Beginner podcasters often have a lot of questions about how to start their show. While the process is relatively simple, there's a dizzying amount of information available, making it difficult, confusing, and time-consuming to sift through.

While it's possible to scour the internet and teach yourself how to launch a show, we recommend finding a source you trust and following their recommendations. It will save energy, time, and sanity.

This overwhelming amount of content is why podcast courses exist—to consolidate information, make it easy-to-digest, and provide advice only seasoned podcasters can give.

Ironically, there are also a lot of podcast courses to choose from!

To reduce the overwhelm involved in picking the right course for your own podcast, we put together what we consider to be the best podcasting courses available at any budget.

Top 4 Free Podcasting Courses:

1. Buzzsprout's How to Start a Podcast Course

Description: This free online course is everything you need to launch your first podcast and take advantage of this exciting new medium.

You'll learn everything from how to come up with the perfect podcast name to how to edit your episodes using the best free software options. This course is "beginner-friendly" so you can confidently create a great sounding podcast without breaking the bank.

It's important to limit yourself to the basics when you're just starting out so you can avoid overwhelm, discouragement, and eventual podfade. This course focusses only on what you need to know in order to successfully launch your show.

For information that goes beyond this guide such as how to monetize your show, and marketing tips, our blog has you covered.


  • Written and video tutorials on the 8 steps to successfully launching a podcast.
  • Answers to common questions like: How do I record multiple people? How do I submit my show to Apple Podcasts and Spotify? What microphone should I buy? and other FAQs.

Who this course is for:
• New podcasters who want a comprehensive guide to the basics
• Tech-challenged podcasters
• Seasoned podcasters who need more information on the best equipment and recording software

2. How to Start a Podcast in 2020: The Complete Podcasting Tutorial by Pat Flynn

Screenshot of Pat Flynn How To Start a Podcast homepage

Description: Led by veteran podcaster Pat Flynn, this free tutorial includes all the basics: how to record, edit, upload, and all the right equipment to buy. Pat Flynn started his Smart Passive Income podcast in 2010 when How to Start a Podcast guides didn't yet exist. As a result, he understands what it's like to not have a clue how to make your first episode. His content reflects this understanding and breaks the process down into seven steps:

  • Choose a topic you can commit to.
  • Define your show description and artwork.
  • Set up and thoroughly test your equipment.
  • Create a plan for your episodes.
  • Record your episodes.
  • Edit and publish your episodes.
  • Launch your podcast to your audience.


  • Comprehensive written content 
  • Three tutorial videos that provide visuals and more complete explanations podcasting equipment and software, tip for recording interviews, and instructions for submitting your podcast to Apple (formerly iTunes), Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

Who this course is for:
• Beginner podcasters who want a tutorial of the basics involved in the podcasting process

3. Podcast Insights

Podcast insights podcast course page

Description: Started by Ross Winn, Podcast Insights simplifies the process of starting a podcast and making it successful. Broken down in a minimalist format, their free guides break the process down into manageable stages. They also offer a free starter kit that includes all the equipment needed to be successful, no matter how many people are featured on your podcast.


  • Choosing a topic & name
  • Show and episode format
  • Cover art creation
  • Intro & outro music
  • Equipment selection
  • Audio recording & editing
  • Submission to Apple Podcasts (iTunes)
  • Promotion tips


  • Tutorials on submitting to podcast directories
  • How to guest host (and how to host a guest)
  • How to leverage social media
  • How to have paid ads & more


  • Information on affiliate marketing and sponsors
  • Tips for crowdfunding and donations
  • How to make money with online courses
  • How much money you can (reasonably) expect to make with your podcast & more

Who these courses are for:
• Podcast minimalists
• Podcasters who want to go beyond the basics of launching a show

4. Create Your Podcast Bootcamp

This podcast bootcamp is a free five-day video series that takes podcasters through the fundamentals of how to start, launch, and market a podcast. It also includes a crash course in equipment and advice on how to stay consistent. Each video is delivered over five days so viewers can focus on one topic at a time.

The courses topics include:

  • Day 1-How to Start a Podcast
  • Day 2-How to Plan Content & Stay Consistent
  • Day 3-How to Record Your Podcast
  • Day 4-How to Launch a Podcast
  • Day 5-How to Market a Podcast

• Videos
• Free downloadable guides
• Additional podcasting resources

Who this course is for:
• Podcasters looking to start a podcast and familiarize themselves with the basics before they launch

Top 4 paid podcast courses:

1. The Podcast Host

Podcast Launch Course - $350

CEO of The Podcast Host, Collin Gray, teaches new podcasters how to set up a show and how to deal with inevitable failures along the way. The course breaks down into three main sections: #1 Plan for Success, #2 Record and Produce, and #3 Publish and Promote.

Audacity Editing Course - $140

An audio editing course so your podcast episodes are optimized for sound quality and flow. Working with digital audio editing software can be confusing, and some will find this in-depth tutorial more helpful than YouTube videos if they want to produce their own high-quality audio (and avoid the costs of outsourcing podcast production services.)  

30 Days of Audience Growth - $140

New podcasters are often antsy to learn new ways to grow their show, but don't know where to start. Collin Gray understands the importance of knowing your audience if you want to grow a sustainable podcast and shows course members how to make your podcast visible and discovered by more listeners within 30 days.


  • Extensive content and instructional material
  • Experienced instructor and pro podcaster
  • Each course focuses on one core topic and explores it at length 

Who these courses are for:
• Podcasters of any level of experience who want to take a deep dive into podcast technology
• Podcasters who want to improve their marketing

2. Udemy Podcasting Masterclass - $199.99

Screenshot of Udemy Podcast Masterclass homepage

Led by instructors Phil Ebiner and Ravender Deol, it's a great fit for total newbies who want to learn podcasting from scratch, all in one online course.


  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 5.5 hrs of on-demand video
  • 11 articles 
  • Direct feedback with instructors 
  • Certificate instructors 
  • Mobile + TV Access 

Who this course is for:
• Entrepreneurs and online businesses who want to expand 
• Anyone passionate about podcasting on a topic 
• Individuals who want to learn about podcasting from scratch 

3. Pat Flynn Power Up Podcasting - $799

Flynn focusses on the launch and the marketing behind the launch. He dedicates his podcast to helping podcasters create shows that garner support, subscriptions, and a loyal following. With short, actionable video courses, Flynn walks the audience through the entire process


  • Money-Back Guarantee + lifetime access 
  • Office hours with Pat Flynn and access to an exclusive community of podcasters
  • Actionable advice to set you up for success

Who this course is for:
• Podcasters and businesses who want to know more about how to launch and successfully marketing their podcast
• Podcasters who already have a show, but want more technical knowledge and new ways to gain a following

4. Proffitt Podcasting - $298

Proffitt podcasting is the complete step-by-step program for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to confidently start, launch, and market their podcast. This course is a roadmap to help you take your podcast from an idea to a content producing machine. You'll learn the fundamentals of planning, recording and editing episodes, as well as how to grow and monetize your show.

  • Money-back guarantee + lifetime access
  • Weekly office hours in a private, students-only online community
  • Bonus training to help you market & grow your podcast after you have launched

Who this course is for:
• Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to learn the basics + how to properly structure their podcast creating process

Other courses:

Podcast Movement: Podcast Launch Challenge - Free
Podcast Movement offers a free challenge to new podcasters to get their show up and running in 4 weeks. Throughout the duration of the course, members report their progress to their private online community where they'll be entered to win one of four prizes.

Podcaster's Paradise with John Lee Dumas - $97/month
John Lee Dumas offers a Free Podcast Course as well as Podcaster's Paradise, a course with a monthly membership or annual fee. Podcaster's Paradise teaches members the latest strategies for growth and monetization, monthly live Q&A, comprehensive podcast resources and templates, and access to a private online community.