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Customize your Buzzsprout URL

Your Buzzsprout account comes with a lot of great features including a public podcast website! This website will give your listeners a way to access all your episodes, podcast information, and podcast listings! Check out our help page about your Buzzsprout website if you want to learn more about the website and how to customize it!

On this page we are going to talk specifically about the URL for your Buzzsprout website! Your website will come with a default URL, which will look something like this: If you don’t like that URL and want to customize it to fit better with your podcast then we have two options for you!

Option #1: Customize the URL on the Buzzsprout Domain

You can customize your Buzzsprout URL to read as This will easily distinguish the URL as being your podcast, but will allow the page to live on the Buzzsprout domain.

You can customize your URL this way by following these steps:

  1. Login to your Buzzsprout account
  2. Go to your Website page
  3. Within the Website page click on the Change URL tab
  4. There check the box to Enable Custom Buzzsprout Web Address
  5. Then you will see a new field appear where you can add whatever text you would like to show before your URL.
  6. Click Save Changes and you’re all set!

We recommend choosing a URL that is simple and recognizable. Over Complicated URLs can be hard to remember and easy to mess up.

Custom URL 1

Option #2: Customize the URL on your own Domain

You may already own your own domain name and want to use it for your Buzzsprout URL. You can absolutely do that, but it can be a little more complicated, so we want to break it down for you!

You will want to set that up by creating a CNAME record. A CNAME record can be created in your domain host and it will allow your Buzzsprout URL to use your personal domain name.

You can set up your CNAME Record by following these steps:

  1. Sign-in to your website hosting account and go to the DNS Management page. This may also be called Name Server Management. You may need to enable Advanced Settings to create a new CNAME record.
  2. Next you will create a new CNAME record using this information:
    For the Host, Name or Alias column, enter www
    For your Value, Destination or Points To column, enter

Check out these help guides for a more throughout step by step process of creating CNAME Records:

Note: If you have an existing CNAME, then you will want to update the value field to point to

Now the CNAME record is set up, but you’re not quite done yet. You will want to go back to your Buzzsprout account and go to the Website page were you can customize your Buzzsprout URL.

  1. Within the Website page click on the Change URL tab
  2. There check the box to Enable Custom Buzzsprout Web Address
  3. Now select the second option for customizing your URL.
  4. In that new field you will write in your full URL, including your domain. It should look something like this,
  5. Click Save Changes and you’re all set!

Now your new Buzzsprout URL is Keep in mind that this change may take up to 48 hours to propagate throughout the internet. Here are a couple common questions that come up when customizing your Buzzsprout URL!

Custom URL 2

Can I make my URL my root domain?

In some cases, you may want to make your Buzzsprout URL the root of your domain name ( instead of a subdomain ( This is only possible if your DNS service will let you redirect from root to the address you've created for your CNAME. Please note Buzzsprout's IP address can change, so you will not be able to use it in your DNS configuration.

Is my custom URL secure?

It depends on how you customized your URL. If you went with option #1 and customized your URL on the Buzzsprout domain then yes, your URL is secure, just put the https:// before the URL in your browser and you will be all set!

However, if you used option #2 and are using your own domain name then the answer is no. This is because Buzzsprout is a 3rd party and is not also hosted by your domain host, so that means the site cannot be secure.

We know all of this can be a bit confusing so we want to help! If you still have questions, shoot our support team an email and they will walk you through the process.