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Customize Your Buzzsprout Page


One of the best ways to promote your podcast is to give it a home on the web! A website for your podcast is a great way for your listeners to access your episodes and it can be indexed by Google to boost your visibility!

Sometimes building and designing websites can be time-consuming and delay the launch of your podcast. We want you to be able to launch your podcast as soon as you can so we have built a podcast website for you!

This website will house your episodes, show notes, chapter markers, and descriptions. You will be able to link to your podcast directory listings, social media sites, and a donation page all through your Buzzsprout website!

Website Public

Customize Your Buzzsprout Page

To customize your podcast website head to your Website page within your Buzzsprout account!

Click on the Color and Background tab to customize the look of your site. You will be able to select the color for your website that will be used for any linked text in your show notes and your site background (unless you upload an image). On this page, you can also upload your own background image. Your image will need to be a minimum of 1250 x 260px and less than 800k (.jpg, .gif, .png).

Add Links to Your Social Media Platforms

Give your listeners an easy way to follow you on Social Media by adding your social links to your website! Click on the Social Media Links tab and add links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages. Just make sure to enter the public URLs for those pages!

Add Links to Your Podcast Directories

In the Podcast App Links tab, you can add buttons to your site so your listeners can subscribe to your podcast through your directory listings! These links can include Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more.

Customize Your URL

Click on the Change URL tab, to update your Buzzsprout URL. This help article will walk you through that process: Customize your URL

Hide Your Website From Search Engines

Keep in mind, if you already have a website, you can hide your Buzzsprout provided website for simplicity. To do that click on the Hide from Search Engines tab and select the option to hide your website. Then you can embed episodes directly on your personal website! Learn more about that here: Embedding

Website Internal

Note: Your directory links will pull directly from the information on the Directories page, so once you are listed there we will add that button to your Buzzsprout website for you!

That’s it! At any point during the customization process, you can click the Preview Website button at the top of the Website page to see how your site looks without leaving your account!

Learn more about podcast websites!