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Dynamic Content

Buzzsprout's Dynamic Content tool lets you easily add and remove short pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll content to your podcast episodes! Dynamic Content can be added to new episodes automatically and applied to existing episodes easily. The power here is that it is non-destructive. You can swap out the pre/mid/post-roll files at any time, to easily update all of your past episodes!
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Pre/Post Roll Content

Don't think of your pre-roll as an intro to your episodes. These will play before your episodes, but this should be something that isn't necessary for the episode itself. This is a great place to drop in a time-sensitive announcement or run an ad. Since you cannot stack pre/post-roll content, you won't want to have a pre or post-roll that cannot be removed.

You can change out your pre and post-roll content at any time. If you want to run new pre or post-roll content it will remove the existing content. Then we will store your previous content in your Dynamic Content Library and can be re-assigned at any time.
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Mid-Roll Content

You can also use Dynamic Content for mid-rolls! The best part is that we do all the hard work using Buzzsprout's Smart Insertion Point™ to find the optimal insertion points in each episode. You can see those points for an episode by clicking on Mid-Roll Settings in the sidebar on the episode details page.

You can have up to three mid-rolls running at once through Dynamic Content. But not every mid-roll will be placed in every episode. The number of mid-roll insertion points for an episode will depend on its length. So there could be times when you won't see all running mid-rolls in an episode. Only episodes 23 minutes or longer will be eligible for Mid-Roll content placements.

The Dynamic Content tool is very similar to dynamic ad insertion (DAI) tools used to swap ads/sponsorships in podcast episodes. The difference is that DAI often utilizes some form of listener tracking to target ads at specific people/groups. At Buzzsprout we respect the privacy of your audience, so this tool does not include any listener tracking, but the number of times your content was downloaded is provided.

Note: You will only see the Mid-Roll Settings option within your episode details page if that episode has mid-rolls currently assigned through Dynamic Content or Buzzsprout Ads. 


Dynamic Content is built to give your listeners the best listening experience possible. So you will be able to customize the transition between episode content and mid-roll content. Within the Dynamic Content page, you will see a settings icon above the mid-roll option. There you can choose the voiceover that best fits your podcast, or upload your own.

Pro tip: Don't include music in your transition. We will include music on our end! 
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More of a visual learner? 

Check out this video walk-through of the Dynamic Content tool in your Buzzsprout account.

How Should Dynamic Content Be Used?

Use Dynamic Content to...
  • Thank a sponsor
  • Announce an upcoming event (live or virtual)
  • Send a holiday greeting
  • Thank your supporters at the end of your episode (patrons)
  • Promote a giveaway
  • Let people know about your FB Group, Instagram Page, etc.
  • Mention upcoming conferences you'll be attending
  • Cross-promote other podcasts
These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. We can't wait to see how you use dynamic content on your podcast!

If you run into any questions about Dynamic Content we can help! Just email our support team ( and we'll get back to you right away!