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Dynamic Content

The Dynamic Content tool within Buzzsprout lets you easily add and remove short pre-roll (intros) and post-roll (outros) content to your podcast episodes. You can set this up to automatically add the content to new episodes and you can click a button to apply it to all of your existing episodes.
The power here is that this is non-destructive. You can swap out the pre/post-roll files at any time and update all of your past episodes. The clips do not stack on top of each other; when you make changes the old content will be removed and the new content will be added. Old content will be stored in your Dynamic Content Library and can be re-assigned at any time.

The Dynamic Content tool is very similar to dynamic ad insertion (DAI) tools used to swap ads/sponsorships in podcast episodes. The difference is that DAI often utilizes some form of listener tracking to target ads at specific people/groups. At Buzzsprout we respect the privacy of your audience, so this tool does not include any listener tracking, but the number of times your content was downloaded is provided.

What can you do with Dynamic Content?

  • Thank a sponsor
  • Announce an upcoming event (live or virtual)
  • Send a holiday greeting
  • Thank your supporters at the end of your episode (patrons)
  • Promote a giveaway
  • Let people know about your FB Group, Instagram Page, etc.
  • Mention upcoming conferences you'll be attending
  • Cross-promote other podcasts
These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. We can't wait to see how you use dynamic content on your podcast!