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Visual Soundbite for Facebook

Connect to Facebook

The new Visual Soundbite from Buzzsprout is the best way to share your podcast episodes on Facebook. Since they are videos they get more visibility in Facebook and they generate more clicks than normal audio players.

Step 1: To start just click Create a Soundbite for Facebook

Clicking Create a Soundbite for Facebook

Step 2: The first time you create a Soundbite you’ll be prompted to Connect to Facebook. Click that link to get started. (Don’t worry, you only have to do this once).

Connect Buzzsprout to Facebook

Step 3: If you’re already logged into Facebook on this computer you’ll just need to walk through the process. If you’ll be sharing the episodes on behalf of a church or a managed page you’ll want to make sure your personal account has access to that Facebook page.

Pro tip: Make sure your Buzzsprout posts are set to public, not friends. The goal is to get people to share these and for them to go viral. Don’t limit shares to just your friends group.

Making Soundbites public

Step 4: Approve Buzzsprout to post on your behalf and you’re set. We’ll never post anything you didn’t ask us to post.

Create your first Soundbite

Step 1: Once you’ve connected Facebook to your Buzzsprout account you’ll be taken to this page to create your first Soundbite. From here you can set your Start Time and the Duration of the Soundbite.

Listen to the Soundbite by clicking the Preview button in the middle.

Preview your soundbite

Step 2: Create your Facebook post. Once you’ve selected the audio for your Soundbite, it’s time to write your Facebook post.

Select the profile or page you’ll be posting to. If you have a profile for your podcast or church select that in the top section. Make sure to write a catchy status message, and add a link to the full episode.

Pro Tip: Always add a link to the full episode. This way people can listen to more if they liked your clip, and they are able to subscribe to your podcast.

Add a link to your Soundbite Facebook status

Step 3: Click Post to Facebook and we’ll do the rest. We’ll use the waveform from your audio to create an awesome video for your Facebook account.

Your Soundbite will be ready in 2-3 minutes and we’ll post it to your Facebook account.

Disconnect from Facebook

If you want to connect another Facebook account to Buzzsprout, you’ll first need to disconnect your current account.

Step 1: Login to Facebook as the account that is connected to Buzzsprout and click on Apps in the left bar.

Go to the Apps section of Facebook

Step 2: Disconnect Buzzsprout by hovering over it, clicking the gear icon, and clicking to disconnect. Now, when you come back to Buzzsprout you’ll get to connect to a new Facebook account. If you don't see Buzzsprout, you might need to click Settings to disconnect Buzzsprout.