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Common Directory Rejections

When submitting to any directory there is always the possibility that your podcast will be rejected. Don't worry though, most of the time the errors can be located, fixed and your podcast can be resubmitted! Below are some common reasons your podcast might be rejected by directories.

Apple Podcasts

The most common reason Apple may reject your podcast is that your artwork does not meet Apple's required image specifications. Apple requires that your artwork be a "minimum size of 1400 x 1400 pixels and a maximum size of 3000 x 3000 pixels, in JPEG or PNG format, 72 dpi, with appropriate file extensions (.jpg, .png), and in the RGB colorspace." If your podcast artwork doesn't meet these parameters, then you will need to adjust it according to Apple's guidelines.

We have also found that even if the dimensions of your file are correct, the file size itself can be an issue. We recommend having your artwork file be 300 KB or less to be accepted in Apple. You can use to easily compress your artwork!

Pro Tip: Use the Buzzsprout + Canva integration to create and resize your artwork!

For a deep dive into Podcast Artwork check out our article How to Design Podcast Cover Art. It will give you all the info you need to create great artwork that Apple will accept!

Missing Website URL
Another common rejection for Apple Podcasts is a missing website URL. This one is very easy to fix! Apple requires a website URL in your RSS Feed, so you will want to make sure you include that. Just head to your Podcast Info page in Buzzsprout, and add your website URL to the Your Website Address field. This URL can be your Buzzsprout website URL, or a personal website URL, whatever you want to include on your Apple listing.
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Missing Information
Spotify is very quick to accept new podcasts, so they tend to catch errors after the fact. When that happens they might unpublish your listing until the fix is made in Buzzsprout. The most common issues with Spotify are a missing Artist name or a missing Website Address (shown above).

Both pieces of information can be added on the Podcast Info page in your Buzzsprout account. Just head there and add your Artist info to the Artist field and add the Website URL to the Your Website Address field. Then hit Save and give Spotify an hour or so. They should see the new info on their own and publish your listing!
Music Podcasts
If you have a podcast that is mostly made up of music, then you will likely not be able to get listed on Spotify as a podcast. Spotify is very strict about any music being published through their Artist Portal, not the Podcast Portal. So they will remove (and sometimes delete) music podcasts that are submitted as podcasts. If you run into this, we recommend that you reach out to Spotify directly to have them help you get submitted correctly.

These are the most common issues, but if you continue to get rejected by any directory, shoot our support team ( an email and they will troubleshoot the errors and help you get listed!