Introducing Magic Mastering™

Buzzsprout, the easiest way to publish a professional podcast, is thrilled to announce the release of Magic Mastering™. Magic Mastering uses advanced technology to sweeten audio files automatically and then optimize them to match the industry best practices for spoken word or music heavy productions.

If you just started podcasting, this saves you from learning the ins and outs of mastering audio files. For those with experience mastering audio, it's a huge time saver.

It's Like an Instagram Filter for Your Audio

Buzzsprout’s Magic Mastering takes the audio you have and makes it better. Your episode will sound crisp, clear, well balanced, and perfectly match the industry best practices for overall loudness and true-peak. It can also help with minor noise and hum issues. It's a crucial step in making a professional podcast that people will enjoy.

Magic Mastering Waveforms

How does it work?

Magic Mastering applies an adaptive leveling process to correct any distracting volume differences between multiple speakers or segments in your episode. It will also fix some minor problems like noise and hum reduction.

Beyond that, Magic Mastering automatically masters episodes to match the Apple Podcasts Authoring Best Practices. Apple says that podcast episodes should be "pre-conditioned in such a way that the overall loudness remains around -16 dB LKFS, with a +/- 1 dB tolerance and a true-peak value that doesn't exceed -1 dB FS."

Confusing right? Well, good news; you don't have to worry about any of that. With Magic Mastering, you turn it on and forget it. Your podcast will sound tremendous and technically align with all of the best practices.

What's included with Magic Mastering?

1. Smart Adaptive Leveling - Have you ever listened to a podcast where one person was louder than the other(s)? How about a podcast where the intro music is super loud, but you can barely hear the host when the episode starts? Magic Mastering fixes these problems.

Technically, it corrects level differences between speakers, music, and speech, and applies dynamic range compression to achieve a balanced overall loudness.

2. Perfect Loudness and True Peak Targeting - Since listeners move from one podcast to another, it's crucial to master your podcast at the correct loudness.

Apple states that podcast episodes should be "pre-conditioned in such a way that the overall loudness remains around -16 dB LKFS, with a +/- 1 dB tolerance and a true-peak value that doesn't exceed -1 dB FS. Magic Mastering does this for you.

3. Audio Sweetening (Filtering + Noise, Hiss, and Hum Reduction) - It's hard to keep every unwanted sound out of your recording. Sometimes these noises are easy to notice (A/C or power line hums), and sometimes it just sounds bad, and you don't know why (electromagnetic interference). Magic Mastering can help.

By classifying regions with different backgrounds, removing the noise in each section, and then cutting disturbing low frequencies, we often have great success.

4. Optimize for Spoken Word or Music - By indicating if your podcast is primarily spoken word or music, we can better optimize the episode encoding. Spoken word podcasts can benefit from reduced file sizes, which means faster downloads. For music heavy podcasts, we prioritize audio fidelity.

We think you're going to love it!

Magic Mastering is a big step toward making professional podcasting easy and available to everyone. It can be enabled by logging in to your Buzzsprout account and clicking on the "Upload a New Episode" button. You'll see the Magic Mastering option below the upload section.