Help › Features Transcript File Import

If you create a transcript file through, Buzzsprout can import and automatically format the file for you. To do this you just need to export the correct file type.

Step 1

Click "" then "Export Text"

Step 2

Match these settings exactly: 
  • Export format: SRT
  • Include speaker names: ON
  • Add line breaks automatically: ON
  • Max number of lines (1-10): 2
  • Max characters per line (5-200): 32
  • Click Continue

Step 3

Take the file exported from and upload it to Buzzsprout. Start by clicking into your episode and then find the "Add a Transcript" button on the right sidebar.
On the next screen, you'll see the button to upload your Otter SRT file.

Note: Check your file for colons. Colons can cause formatting problems when uploading in Buzzsprout, so you will want to remove those before the export!