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Can I pause my podcast?

Yes! If you know you won't be uploading any new episodes for a while then you can move to our Archive Plan!

What is the Archive plan?

The Archive plan will allow you to keep your podcast and episodes online and hosted at a lower cost, just $5 per month. Since you know you won't be uploading new episodes for some time, we offer a plan that only covers the hosting of your existing episodes. This way you won't lose any episodes by moving to a free plan or deleting your podcast altogether. The Archive Plan will allow you to keep your data and episodes with Buzzsprout (and on your listings), but it won't give you a monthly uploading allowance.

Moving to the Archive Plan is easy. Just go to your Podcast Settings page and click on the Cancel/Redirect Podcast tab. Then select the green Downgrade Now option.

Can I upgrade back to a traditional plan?

Yes! If you choose to begin uploading again then you can easily upgrade your account to one of our traditional paid plans. Just go to Podcast Settings and select the plan you want!