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Transferring away from Buzzsprout

If you ran your RSS feed through FeedBurner or a similar service before submitting it to that podcast directories, you just have to login and change the source URL link. Once that change is made the directories, and anyone who has subscribed to your podcast from these directories, will start pulling from your need feed URL. So that's super easy and something you can do yourself in minutes.

If you chose not to use FeedBurner or similar, then we're going to need to help you with the process. It's no problem at all, just a few extra steps.

  1. Create an account on your new host
  2. Upload your entire back catalog of podcast episodes
  3. Get the new feed URL for your podcast
  4. Email your new feed URL to support at buzzsprout
Once we receive the feed we will add a new feed URL tag to your old feed. This will tell the podcast directories and those who have subscribed to look at this new URL moving forward. Typically you'll want to leave the old feed up and running for a couple of weeks to give everyone time to update.

We can also host a 301 redirect for you if requested. Typically the new-feed-url tag is enough, but the 301 acts as an insurance policy. We'll need to maintain your Buzzsprout account for as long as you would like the new-feed-url tag and/or redirect hosted (but you can downgrade to the free plan once your episodes are live on the new host).

Some services off do-it-yourself tools for moving to another podcast hosting company. We choose not to do this, not because we're trying to lock you in, but rather as a method of protection. Once the new-feed-url and/or redirects have been enabled your podcast subscribers will start looking for the new feed immediately. This is not something that can be undone and you will loose subscribers if something goes wrong or is not set up correctly. We are committed to helping you transition successfully, even though it take more of our time.

Should the time come for you to leave Buzzsprout you can rest assured our excellent customer service representatives will walk you through the process and help you minimize the impact to your subscribers. As always - you can expect excellent customer support from Buzzsprout regardless of your request.