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How do I move to a new host?

We realize that Buzzsprout won’t always be the right host for every podcaster, so we have made the process of moving away from Buzzsprout a simple one! There are two main steps to this process: the first is moving your episodes to your new host, and the second is placing a 301 redirect on our Buzzsprout feed.

Move Your Content

To do this step you will need to start by creating an account with your new hosting service, then follow their steps for importing your podcast. We have included some reference links below to point you in the right direction.
Once you've moved all of your episodes to your new hosting account, then you will be ready to place a 301 redirect on your Buzzsprout RSS feed. By doing this you will be redirecting all of your current listeners, subscribers, and listings to your new RSS feed. This will allow the transition to be smooth and discreet. 

Apply the 301 Redirect

Start by locating your new RSS feed in your new hosting account. Then in your Buzzsprout account, you will place the 301 Redirect on your existing Buzzsprout RSS feed. Make sure to carefully follow the instructions in your account to make sure you place the redirect correctly. 
  1. Within your Buzzsprout account, go to the Settings menu in the top right-hand corner of your page and select Cancel/Redirect Podcast.
  2. On the next page, select the center option to Redirect Your Podcast Feed.
  3. From there you will be taken to an informational page with the full process of placing your 301 Redirect. Follow each step to make sure you place the redirect successfully. 
Note: If you have multiple podcasts on your Buzzsprout account you will need to individually redirect each feed.

After the redirect is placed on your feed, the system will automatically set your account up to be downgraded to the free plan when your cycle finishes. We recommend that you keep your Buzzsprout account active for at least three weeks following the redirect to ensure that your listings update with your new RSS feed. After those three weeks, you are welcome to remain on the free plan or cancel your Buzzsprout account. 

 Update your Feedburner Source Feed

If you use Feedburner for your podcast it actually sits between your podcast host and your subscribers/iTunes. You can continue to use your Feedburner RSS feed and just update your Feedburner Source Feed to move to a new host.

This will tell Feedburner to look to your new host for updates to your podcast. 
  1. Login to Feedburner
  2. Click the Feed Title for the feed you want to update
  3. Click Edit Feed Details… at the top of the page
  4. Change the Original Feed to your new Buzzsprout RSS Feed
  5. Click Save Feed Details
Note: If you use Feedburner, your account will not be downgraded automatically, so you will need to manually downgrade your Buzzsprout account.