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Transferring Away From Buzzsprout

We realize that we won’t always be the right host for every podcaster, so we have made the process of moving away from Buzzsprout a simple one! There are two main steps to this process: first is moving your episodes to your new host, and second is placing a 301 redirect on our Buzzsprout feed.

Move your episodes and podcast data to your new host.

To do this step you will need to start by creating an account with your new hosting service and following their steps of importing your podcast. We have included some help links below to point you in the right direction.

Moving your podcast to Libsyn

Moving your podcast to Anchor

Moving your podcast to Blubrry

Update Feedburner Source Feed

Once you have moved all of your episodes to your new hosting account, then you will be ready to place a 301 redirect on your Buzzsprout RSS feed. By doing this you will be redirecting all of your current listeners, subscribers and listings to your new RSS feed. This will allow the transition to be smooth and discreet.

Apply the 301 redirect to your Buzzsprout RSS feed.

You will start by locating your new RSS feed in your new hosting account. Then you will need to email that RSS feed along with the name of your podcast to our Buzzsprout support team. You can do this easily by clicking the Help button in your Buzzsprout account.

Note: We request that you email our support team requesting the redirect from the email address that is associated with your Buzzsprout account. This helps us verify ownership for you before making any changes to your feed.

Once you have requested the 301 redirect then our support team will verify your new feed and your ownership of the account. If the new feed is valid then our team will place the 301 redirect on your Buzzsprout RSS feed for you. This process is typically quick and painless.

Some hosting services allow you to place the redirect yourself when moving to another podcast hosting company. We choose not to do this, not because we're trying to lock you in, but rather as a method of protection.

After the redirect is placed on your feed we recommend that you keep your Buzzsprout account active for at least three weeks to ensure that your listings update with your new RSS feed. After those three weeks you are welcome to cancel your Buzzsprout account.

Update your feedburner source feed

If you use Feedburner for your podcast it actually sits between your podcast host and your subscribers/iTunes. You can continue to use your Feedburner RSS feed and just update your Feedburner Source Feed to move to a new host.

This will tell Feedburner to look to your new host for updates to your podcast.

  1. Login to Feedburner
  2. Click the Feed Title for the feed you want to update
  3. Click Edit Feed Details… at the top of the page
  4. Change the Original Feed to your new Buzzsprout RSS Feed
  5. Click Save Feed Details