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Can I have music in my podcast?

Yes, you can have music in your podcast! In fact, adding music can help distinguish your podcast, especially when used in your with intros and outros! 

It's important, when adding music to your episode, that you are using the right music and that you have the right licensing. With copyright laws and licensing issues, this can be a tricky task, but having the right type of music on your podcast helps you to avoid any legal trouble or having your content removed from directories. Don't worry, we can help! 

What if I don't make any money off my podcast?

When it comes to podcasting, any music that you use, even if you are not making money off it, needs to be music that is royalty-free or that you own the rights to. This includes music in your intro or outro, even if the music is instrumental. 

Check out this video for a full rundown of how to use music in your podcast:
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