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Transcribe Episodes in Buzzsprout

Transcripts are only available on paid plans.

You can transcribe your Buzzsprout podcast episodes by following these steps. Learn more about why you should start transcribing your podcast episodes.

Step 1: Select the episode to transcribe

  1. Log in to Buzzsprout
  2. Click Episodes
  3. Click the episode you'd like to transcribe
  4. Click Transcribe this Episode
  5. Scroll down and click Transcribe this Episode

Transcribe this Episode Button Transcribe this Episode Button 2

Step 2: Edit your transcription

Once you've clicked Transcribe this Episode, Buzzsprout will send your episode to Temi to be transcribed. You'll receive an email once the transcription is complete.

Click Preview & Edit to view the transcript inside Temi.

Preview and Edit

When you're in Temi, you can add speakers, make changes to the transcription, and add notes. Your edits are saved in Temi automatically. Once you're done, you can download the transcript or update your Buzzsprout website.

Temi Dashboard

Step 3: Update your Buzzsprout site

Your original transcript is automatically saved to your Buzzsprout site. But if you make edits you'll want to bring those changes back to Buzzsprout.

You can do this by going to your the Episode details page and clicking Update Now. You can also click the View/Edit Transcript button to make additional changes.

Update Buzzsprout Transcription

Transcription FAQs

Is there a fee to transcribe an episode?

Yes. Transcripts are billed at $0.10 per minute.
The charge will appear on your next invoice.

What are the benefits of transcribing podcast episodes?

The biggest benefit is increased discoverability by search engines. Without a transcription of your audio file, the only ways people will discover your podcast is by word of mouth, advertising, or by searching a podcast directory. Episode transcription makes every word you speak in your podcast digestible by search engines.

This means if your podcast is typically about Real Estate, but in one episode you did a segment on your new Ford F-150, people searching Google for “Ford F-150” may land on your podcast webpage. Maybe they’ll have a listen, like what they hear, and you’ll have a new listener. Transcription also makes your podcast more accessible. People with hearing disabilities can now more easily enjoy your content and people who don’t understand your native language can use a text translator.

There are other benefits as well, like not having to manually type out detailed show notes, being able to copy and paste your transcription into your own website, creating a searchable archive of everything you’ve ever discussed on your podcast, etc.

Where will my transcripts be displayed?

When you create a transcript for an episode, Buzzsprout will display it on your public Buzzsprout website directly under your episode description. You can edit the transcript at any time from the link on your episode detail page. Once saved, you can go back into your Buzzsprout account and click on the "Update Transcript" link.

We recommend you copy and paste your transcript into your own website if you have one.