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The Definitive Podcast Directory List [2019]

Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify are the three largest podcast directories.

Once you have started your podcast and uploaded your first episodes to Buzzsprout, you’ll want to get your podcast listed in the top podcast directories.

Podcast directories like Apple Podcasts are podcast listings that help people find your podcast. In most cases they don’t host or distribute your podcast—that’s up to your podcast host—they just provide a centralized place for podcast listeners to learn about podcasts.

Getting listed in the top podcast directories is a critical part of your podcast marketing strategy because a majority of your new listeners will find your podcast through these directories.

We’ll start with the essential podcast directories and work our way down to the niche directories. It’s critical that you get into the top directories since that’s how most people will find your podcast.

1. Apple Podcasts (also known as iTunes)

Apple Podcast is the oldest, largest, and most important of the podcast directories. Once you’re ready to launch your podcast, your first job is to get listed in Apple Podcasts. A majority of podcast listeners find podcasts through Apple Podcasts and use the Podcasts app on their phones.

Most podcasting apps like Overcast use the Apple Podcast directory for their podcast search. That means that once your podcast is listed in Apple Podcasts, you’ll also show up in a majority of the podcast apps.

Apple Podcasts also lets people leave you reviews. These reviews not only help you rank better; they also give you valuable insight into what people think of your show.

How to get your podcast listed in Apple Podcasts.

2. Spotify

Spotify started letting everybody list their podcasts inside of Spotify in 2018, but they’ve quickly become the second most important podcast directory. That’s because Spotify reaches a lot of people who don’t listen to podcasts (yet). Only half of Americans listen to podcasts and but almost everybody listens to music.

Spotify also has a great Android app for people that don’t have access to Apple’s Podcasts app.

Submitting to Spotify is simple, and it’s a fantastic way to expand your podcasts reach.

How to get your podcast listed in Spotify.

3. Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is one that’s a bit harder to quantify; it is Google’s attempt to crawl the web and create a podcast search engine.

Google Podcasts also doesn’t have a standard submission process. Instead, you make sure that you have a podcast website that is compatible with Google Podcasts and they’ll add you automatically. If you host your podcast on Buzzsprout, your podcast website is compatible with Google Podcasts.

Google Podcasts is another podcast directory that allows you to get in front of billions of Android users and will probably become most important over time.

How to get your podcast listed in Google Podcasts.

4. Stitcher

Stitcher is a great podcast app and directory that’s been around since 2008. They have apps for iOS, Android, and even some cars. They also include radio shows so getting listed in Stitcher can help you get your podcast in front of people who don’t listen to podcasts.

How to get your podcast listed in Stitcher.

5. TuneIn Radio

Similar to Stitcher TuneIn provides radio stations and podcast episodes on their app.

TuneIn accounts for a small percentage of total podcast listens, but due to their partnerships getting listed in the TuneIn directory will make your podcast available in a few additional spots like Tesla cars and Amazon Alexa.

How to get your podcast listed in TuneIn Radio.

6. Google Play Music

If you’re doing a double-take to item #3, you’re not alone. Google Play Music is Google’s second time on this list. That’s because they have two ways to find podcasts: through Google Podcasts and Google Play Music.

Google Play Music will recommend podcasts to listeners based on what they already like, and it’s an easy way to get your podcast in front of more podcasters.

How to get your podcast listed in Google Play Music.

7. Pandora

Pandora is still one of the best ways to discover new music with its powerful recommendation engines. They’ve recently updated their submission process to accept a lot more podcasts. We’re excited to see how they leverage their rating systems to help us find new podcasts.

How to get your podcast listed in Pandora.

8. Listen Notes

Listen Notes is a podcast search engine and a great way to find podcasts online. They put together a ton of awesome podcast playlists which can give your podcast even more exposure.

Get your podcast listed in Listen Notes.

9. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is one of the largest streaming radio and podcast directories on the web. They recently moved to a manual submission process that will allow any podcaster to get their show into iHeartRadio.

How to get your podcast listed in iHeartRadio.

10. Alexa via AnyPod

There isn’t an Alexa or Amazon podcast directory yet, but you’re still able to make your podcast available on Alexa devices. Our favorite way is to the Alexa podcast player AnyPod. Since it isn’t a built-in skill you’ll have to enable it by saying “Alexa, enable Anypod skill.”

Even if you’re already listed in TuneIn, this will provide another way for Alexa users to find your podcast.

Get your podcast listed in AnyPod.

Niche podcast directories

Digital Podcast - Simple submission process that powers AllPodcasts.com

Learn Out Loud - The majority of podcasts on this site are educational or informative. List your podcast here by emailing podcast@learnoutloud.com and asking for your podcast to be added to their directory.

Women in Podcasting - This directory focuses on women in podcasting, so you much have a female host or co-host to be listed.

We're always on the lookout for new podcast directories, so reach out to us on Twitter if you know of any niche directories that we missed.

Other podcast distribution channels

There are a few other places that you might consider for podcast distribution even though they aren’t podcast directories per se.


One of the best ways to utilize Facebook for your podcast is to upload short video clips of your podcast to Facebook to share with your audience. You’ll want to include a link back to your podcast website so people can subscribe to your podcast itself.

How to Create Video Soundbites with Buzzsprout.


YouTube is a great way to get in front of most people who may not have a podcasting app. But it’s a big mistake to upload an audio podcast with just some cover art The best way to create podcasting content for YouTube is to record a video of you recording your podcast and then upload that to YouTube. Then you can use the audio portion to create your podcast episode.

Should you put your podcast on YouTube?


SoundCloud is another platform to give your podcast more exposure, but they are not a good place to host your podcast. Instead, use a free SoundCloud account to upload your audio files and link back to your podcast website. This way people can discover an episode and then subscribe to your podcast.

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