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Submit your podcast to Google Podcasts: The step-by-step guide

Google Podcasts is a new podcasting project by Google. It works across multiple devices so you can find a new podcast on your desktop and then play it from your phone. The app is only available for Android, but you can also listen to podcasts through Google Home.

Like every other podcast directory, once you begin to publish podcast episodes Google will automatically serve those episodes to your subscribers so they can stay up to date.

Steps to submit your podcast to Google Podcasts:

  1. Check if Google has already found your RSS Feed
  2. Verify your website is compatable with Google Podcasts
  3. Register your RSS feed URL with Google
  4. Wait for Google to index your RSS feed

1. Check if Google has already found your RSS Feed

Unlike other podcast directories which require you to manually submit your show, Google leans on their search technology to crawl the internet for podcasts to include in their new app. This means that Google should find your podcast and include it in the Google Podcasts app automatically.

To verify that Google has indexed your podcast (also known as your "podcast feed"), insert your RSS feed URL into the Google Direct Link Generator and click Generate. If Google Podcasts has already added your show you'll get a direct link to share with your audience.

Google Podcasts direct link generator

If your podcast is listed then you don't need to do anything else. People are already able to find your show in Google Podcasts.

If your podcast is not in Google Podcasts you'll get an error that says "This RSS feed is not currently indexed by Google Podcasts." If that happens don't worry. Just follow the rest of the steps in this blog post.

2. Verify your website is compatible with Google Podcasts

If your podcast hasn’t been listed yet, make sure that your website (or the website your podcast host provides for you) meets these the Google Podcasts guidelines.

If your podcast is on Buzzsprout, the website included with your podcast does meet all of Google's criteria. So you'll just need to help Google find it.

3. Register your RSS feed URL with Google

If your podcast doesn’t show up in Google’s Direct Link Generator, you can ask Google to crawl your website to expedite the process of getting into the Google Podcasts.

Your website needs to be compatible with Google Podcasts for this to have any effect, and it needs to have a link to your RSS feed. You can request Google to index your site from Google Search Console.

If you’re on Buzzsprout, we can submit your website to Google for you. Just create a help ticket by logging into Buzzsprout, clicking Help, and ask the support team to submit your website to Google.

If you can’t submit your website, and your podcast isn’t on Buzzsprout, it seems to help when you submit your podcast to Google Play.

4. Wait for Google to index your RSS feed

If you follow all these steps it can take a few days for Google to index your RSS feed, though we've seen podcasts get added in a couple of hours. If you don't see your podcast in Google Podcasts within a week, then you'll want to verify that your podcast website is compatible with Google Podcast.

Google Podcasts FAQs

What's the difference between Google Podcasts and Google Play Podcasts?

Google Podcasts is a stand-alone app that indexes all the podcasts in the world. It's available worldwide and it will add most podcasts automatically. On the other hand, Google Play Podcasts is the podcasting portion of the Google Play Music app. The selection is a bit smaller since podcasters have to submit their podcast to Google Play.

Why do you want to be in Google Podcasts?

86.2% of the world’s smartphones are on Android. Being listed in Google Podcasts means your podcast is available to 1.72 billion potential listeners that didn’t have an easy way of finding you before. It also means that your podcast will be available on smart devices like Google Home.

We hope this is helpful! If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Where else should you submit your podcast?

Now that you know how to land in Google Podcasts, here is a list of step-by-step instructions to help you submit your podcast to every major podcast directory and podcast app.