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How to Submit Podcast to Google Play Music

One of the most difficult aspects of podcasting is getting people to discover your podcast. You can have amazing content, but if new listeners aren’t finding your podcast it won’t be able to develop the following it deserves.

Google is looking to change that.

Yesterday, Google announced that they will be adding a podcast section to Google Play Music to help Google Play Music listeners find and discover new podcasts. Google’s service will be similar to Spotify’s podcast discovery, and will help listeners find new podcasts based on podcasts that they already like. Google’s recommendations will rely on both human and algorithmic input built by Songza, a streaming service Google acquired in 2014.

This is really big news because it makes podcasts much more accessible for Android users. While there are already great Android podcast apps like Pocket Casts, Android users don’t have access to the largest podcast directory: Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes).

Google has begun the process of building their own podcast directory, and you’ll want your podcast feed to be listed there once they launch the podcast section of Google Play Music. We recommend submitting your podcast to Google as soon as possible since we don’t know how long the approval process might take.

How to submit your podcast to Google Play Music

Follow these steps to take the guesswork out of the podcast submission process:

1. Verify the information in your Buzzsprout Account. Before submitting your show to Google, verify the information in the three fields Google requires. These were completed when you first signed up for Buzzsprout.

2. Go to the Google Play Music Podcast Portal and click Get Started.

3. Login with your Google account.

4. Click Add a Podcast.

5. Enter the URL for your podcast RSS feed. You can find your RSS feed URL in Buzzsprout under Directories > RSS Feed. Click Submit RSS Feed.

Submit RSS Feed to Google Play Music

6. Verify your account. Google will email you a code to verify your feed. If you have a Gmail account, your RSS feed might be verified automatically. Enter the verification code and click Verify Ownership.

Verify ownership of RSS Feed

7. Click Publish Podcast and you’re done! Google Will notify you when podcasts become available in Google Play Music.

Publish your podcast in Google Play

Note: In order for Google Play Music to add podcasts to its directory, there must be a live podcast episode published in the RSS feed.

Uncrawlable Podcast Image

When submitting one podcast we received the error “uncrawlable podcast image” even though the RSS feed had a JPEG image with 1400 x 1400 dimensions. We changed it to a PNG file, clicked refresh feed and it worked perfectly.

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Alban Brooke

Alban Brooke

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