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Change Podcast Details

Once you start your podcast, you’ll want to give your podcast a name, description, and artwork. This will change your podcast’s details in Apple Podcasts, on your Buzzsprout website, and everywhere else your podcast is available.

You can always change the details in the future, so while you’ll want to take some consideration while doing this, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

  1. Click Podcast Settings
  2. Update your podcast Info
  3. Scroll down and click Save Podcast Info to save your changes

Change Buzzsprout Podcast Details

As soon as you click Save Podcast Info the changes will be published to your RSS feed immediately. Your podcast listing in Apple Podcasts or other directories will update based on these changes, though it might take a day or two for you to see the change.

Best Practices for Apple Podcasts

Try to make sure your podcast name and artist are both as descriptive as possible. Apple Podcasts uses these two fields for search, so make sure they include keywords.