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Sharing Your Podcast

Once you've created your podcast and uploaded your first episode you may want to begin promoting it through email and social media! There are several ways to share your podcast episodes so we will break them down for you! 

Buzzsprout Website

Every paid Buzzsprout account includes a simple podcast website! All your episodes will automatically be listed there when they are published. You can easily share the link to that site! Find that URL on your Website page in your account and check out this article about how to customize the look and feel of your Buzzsprout site!
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Share Page

If you want to encourage your listeners to subscribe to your podcast through a podcasting app, then we would recommend that you use your Share URL. This can be found on the Website page in your account. It will link to a page that contains all of your directory links and social media channels. This way followers can easily listen through their favorite podcasting app! 
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Episode-Specific Link

You can also share your episode-specific link. This way your listeners don't have to scroll through other episodes to find the one they need. This link can be found by going to the Episodes page, clicking into the episode you want to share, and then clicking the Email Link to Episode on the right side of the page!

Promote Through Social Media

Another great way to share your episode is through Social Media! Within each episode page, there are three buttons to easily share your episode link to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Check out this blog for more strategies on how to use Social Media for promotion!

Visual Soundbite

Finally, the best way to share your episode is by using the Buzzsprout Visual Soundbite feature! Within Buzzsprout you will be able to create a video clip of your podcast that will be optimized for whichever social platform you would like! Find the full process for creating your Visual Soundbite here: Buzzsprout Visual Soundbites.
That's it! If you run into any questions about promotion send us an email and we will help you out!