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Add a New Podcast

Multiple Podcasts

Do you have a great idea for a second podcast? You can add a new podcast to your existing Buzzsprout account in three easy steps, and your new account will have it's own Apple Podcasts listing, public page, and RSS feed.

It's a perfect setup if you want to have a full network of shows, or if you'd like to help a friend get started.This way you'll be able to use a single login to manage multiple podcasts.

Create a New Podcast

Adding a new podcast

Adding a new podcast

  1. Click on the My Podcasts link in the top right navigation
  2. Click the Create New Podcast button
  3. Give your new podcast a name
  4. Click Create New Podcast

And you’re all set! Now your account will be able to access both podcasts with the same login.

Note: While you can have two podcasts on one account they cannot share an upload allowance. Each podcast will have its own RSS feed, embed players, buzzsprout website and billing plan.

Switching Between Podcasts

Adding a new podcast

Once you have two podcasts on the same Buzzsprout account, you can quickly toggle between them by clicking the My Podcast link in the top navigation. Then click the name of the podcast that you’d like to access.

Add an Existing Podcast to Your Account

If you currently have two Buzzsprout podcasts on separate account you can combine them so they are both managed by the same account. Just shoot us an email to with your podcast details. Once we verify both accounts belong to you we can combine them for you.