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Adding Team Members

Now that you have your Buzzsprout account set up you may want to give your team access to the podcast. This way you don't all have to share one login!

Adding a New Team Member

In Buzzsprout you can add team members to your account by following these steps: 
  1. Log into your account and go to the Settings menu on the top corner of your account
  2. Click on Team Members 
  3. There you can add a new team member as either an Admin or an Editor. 

Roles and Permissions

Each Buzzsprout podcast can have one Account Owner, and unlimited Admins and Editors!

The Account Owner will automatically be assigned to the user who creates the podcast. Owners have complete control of and access to the account. They can update billing details, add and remove other users, and transfer the account ownership to any admin on the account.

Admins are one step below the owner of the account. They can add and remove team members (other than the owner), upload and delete episodes, and edit podcast information. But they cannot access account billing, redirect the RSS feed, or delete the podcast. 

have limited access to the account. Editors can only do things like publishing episodes, embedding episodes, and viewing stats. They cannot delete episodes or add new team members.

Keep in mind that team members are added to each individual podcast. So if you have one account with two podcasts and want to add a team member to both podcasts, you will need to add the team member within each podcast. This is helpful if you run podcasts for multiple people and want to only give them access to their own podcast. 

If you run into any issues with adding or removing team members email us at and we can help!