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Move Podcast to Buzzsprout

It’s really easy to transfer your existing podcast to Buzzsprout. You’ll just need to import your episodes into Buzzsprout and then redirect your old RSS feed to Buzzsprout.

1. Import your episodes to Buzzsprout

Unless you are starting a new podcast, you’ll want to bring your current episodes over to Buzzsprout using our import tool.

2. Redirect your RSS feed to Buzzsprout

Once you’ve imported your podcast episodes into Buzzsprout, you’ll want to redirect your old RSS feed to your Buzzsprout feed. This will ensure that all of your current subscribers and podcast listings will look to your Buzzsprout feed for new episodes and podcast updates.

3. Keep the redirect in place for 2-weeks

Make sure you keep the 301 redirect in place for two weeks to make sure that all your subscribers and podcast listings look to Buzzsprout for new episodes and updates.