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Upload a New Episode

Uploading Podcast Audio

  1. Click Upload a New Episode
  2. Select the audio file that you’d like to upload
  3. Give your episode a title, description, artist, etc.
  4. Choose when you want to publish your episode (video below)
  5. Click Save Episode Details

When do you want to publish?

Best Practices

  1. Audio file: You can upload nearly any filetype to Buzzsprout, but you’ll have the best results with a high-quality MP3 file. Buzzsprout can automatically make your audio sound better by turning on Magic Mastering (fees apply).

  2. Editing: Spending a bit of time to get the best sounding recording will drastically improve the final audio file. Check out our advice on recording, including our recommended podcast equipment and software.

  3. Proofread: Of course you can always edit the episode details, but some people will download your new episode within minutes of you clicking publish. You’ll want to check for any spelling errors before publishing.

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