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Supported Audio Types

What type of file should I upload?

We recommend that you upload either a WAV file or a high-quality MP3 file.

The only downside to uploading WAV files is that they can be large, which means a longer uploading time. If you have a strong internet connection, a WAV file is great! If you have a weaker internet connection, there is more room for the upload to fail. In that case, a high-quality MP3 is a great option and will upload faster!

If your upload fails, there could be a couple of things going on. Check out this article that covers some common uploading problems.

Pro Tip: Your file should be smaller than 5GB.

Can I upload a video file?

While we don't support video podcasting within Buzzsprout, we can accept some video files. In those cases, we will pull the audio from the file and upload that as your episode. If you want to use video for your podcast, we recommend recording both video and audio at the same time and uploading those videos to YouTube.

Check out how we have done our Podcasting Q&A videos!

Do you adjust my audio files?

When you upload a file to Buzzsprout, we will optimize the file based on industry best practices for spoken word podcasts, which is 96k Mono. If your file is in stereo, then that optimization could affect your sound quality. If you have a stereo file then we recommend adjusting your settings to upload optimized for stereo. To learn more about that, check out this article: Automatic Audio Optimization

If you have a question about uploading audio, feel free to email our support team at